A vanguard in offering a premium, highest quality, comprehensive international standards educational programs and produce respectful, responsible, passionate and caring citizens to compete and succeed in the global society
Our Mission to….
Make our community’s dream come true of sending their children to an educational  institutions from home or easily accessible from home. In this way, the families and their children can maintain the closeness and filial support to children often need for success, while still providing all the opportunity of an elite education.
Provide an exceptional infrastructure, faculty, and stimulating curriculum with international standards that integrates knowledge and learning in a continuous process.
Nature student competencies in modern techniques and technologies and bring to light the inherent genius of young minds while installing the values of discipline, dedication, and hard work.

Coaching the extracurricular activities for students to gain a clear sense of themselves and their capabilities


          Welcome and Thank you for your interest in our institutions.   Sri Venglamani Amman Educational and Charitable Trust started the educational institutions with the idea of “Thinking globally and Acting locally”. Parents who choose our institutions want an international standard of education that is affordable and any not as distant as Bangalore, Bombay and any other foreign countries. This eliminates the hardship of remote travel and also allows their children to attend college without having them live separately, and thus prevents the loss of the day to day love that parents cherish

Our infrastructures is fantastic! It incorporates the latest thinking in planing and layout building standards and information technology. The state of the art class room resources and aids are specially designed to compliment the curriculum. Being the first college in Namakkal and Surrounding districts, it produces a new developing college community of this part of the world.  There are many opportunities for students, parents, faculty and staff to be an integral part of shaping of this new community. Education is a partnership between home and college and we place a great deal of emphasis on parents.  We believe that student learn best when home and college work together for their benefit.

When your child enters  college, it is not where you job ends and ours begins. It is where your job begins and Your’s continues children coming into the college will take a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them.  It is our aim to build on these lines and promote a willingness and enthusiasm to learn more.